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The wrong type of paper is commonly used for painting leading to artwork warping and buckling as water is applied, this is because the paper isn't designed for wet based media, unlike watercolour paper - which can be used for all painting applications if prepared correctly.

The key to a high-quality watercolour paper is the fibres used and their absorbency. Traditionally cotton-based fibres are used precisely for this reason, and it's why Artway watercolour papers have a percentage of cotton included.

Artway premium ‘35’ watercolour sheets are made with 35% cotton allowing greater strength and resilience from each sheet compared to other wood pulp papers. A mid-cold pressed texture makes it suitable for not only the occasional large area wash but also for fine detail. They are also sized without gelatin making this paper vegan. Artway INDIGO handmade paper is perfect for watercolour painting as it is made using 100% recycled cotton. Created entirely by local artisans in Northern India using traditional paper-making methods, and available in a range of paper sizes, each sheet is unique in tone and grain, finished with deckled edges. Available in a range of sizes, weights and textures.

To avoid any sort of buckle when working with watercolour paper we recommend stretching it before use. Stretching is a simple process that ensures the perfect painting surface for watercolour and gouache. Firstly soak the paper and tape it down to your work surface or board whilst wet as it dries, it shrinks keeping your sheets of paper completely flat



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