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Detail & Tracing Paper

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Tracing paper is a semi-transparent surface with a lower opacity developed for architects and engineers so they could copy precise and detailed drawings, it's now used for a wide range of different creative applications. Browse our selection of tracing paper, starting with the Artway Premium 112gsm Tracing Paper Pad - available in a range of sizes, these gummed tear-away pads have a handy grid on the front to aid drawing. For longer lengths, we have the Artway 'sketch' tracing rolls which are 20m long and available in 63gsm and 90gsm.

Detail paper is a lightweight and highly translucent surface with a fine surface texture. Loved by architects, animators and illustrators as the light gsm gives a sheerness allowing you to see through sheets to create copies and moving frames. Artway Layout Pad has 35 sheets of plain, 60gsm acid-free paper for easy layouts and technical drawing, ideal for graphite pencil and light pen or marker work.


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