About Us

We are a provider of art materials, technical drawing equipment and other creative supplies for students, institutions and the wider artistic public. Based in Melksham, Wiltshire, we have over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality arts and crafts supplies at competitive prices with a focus on sustainability and the environment. 

Among the huge variety of art supplies on our website, a significant proportion are designed in-house at Artway and produced by us, including a market-leading range of UK-made sketchbooks and custom, fully recycled paper products, in addition to portfolios, cartridge paper, card, paint brushes and much, much more! Recent additions include a range of artisan, 100% handmade products using premium, unique materials. We sell all of these creative products, and more, both online and at temporary, pop-up shops at colleges and universities throughout the academic year. Shop online or come and see us when we’re in town!

A unique area of expertise for Artway is our ‘Bespoke Course Kit’ service for students in higher or further education. For this service, we can tailor a set of creative supplies according to the needs of each individual course so that the student is receiving the correct creative materials for a great price at an excellent level of quality. This bespoke art set service is arranged directly with the institution and is currently used by Bath University, UWE, Lincoln University, and many others.

Finally, another aspect of Artway that’s much loved by our customers is the generous ‘WholesaleArt Materials for Education’ scheme, offering 45% off for purchases of £100 (+ VAT) or more for registered wholesale discount members. This is not just available for institutional buyers, but for individuals too - the wholesale sign up process is simple, and you can get started purchasing discount art materials almost immediately!

The Team

Ian Way

Responsible for the 'Art’ (and the Way) in Artway.

Ian has a lifelong commitment to art and education. After studying Fine Art in Bristol, specialising in sculpture, he became an art teacher in various institutions and also worked for NSEAD and UCAS while establishing Artway. He has a great understanding of the products that we sell and is extremely passionate about creating in general, and product development in particular.

Steve Milham

Responsible for all things technical and systems-based.

As Ian's brother-in-law, Steve initially assisted in setting up the website and course kits but now calls Artway his full time occupation, selling his previous business to be a full time partner. Steve brings business nous, a focus on the importance of customer service and a passion for growing Artway while maintaining the founding ethos of great quality at a low price and sustainability with environmental mindfulness.

Tilly - Design and Marketing Lead

As a part of the creative team at Artway, Tilly focuses on concocting new products and is also responsible for all of our graphic design. Marketing is also under her umbrella, including managing, and creating content for, all of the Artway social media accounts.

Tilly is an accomplished illustrator and printmaker in her spare time, and loves to share her expertise in the creative arts.

Jonathan - Copywriter, Product & Channel Manager

Jonathan is responsible for all product related duties, from researching and design for new products, and writing all the Artway copy, to managing ordering and sales through all of our channels.

In his spare time, Jonathan makes digital art and runs a lot (but not as much as Lauren).

Lauren - Executive Assistant

Lauren began at Artway as an administrator, and has accrued responsibility ever since, now accounting for a host of important tasks such as finance, acting as our customer service liaison, and ordering stock.

She is a talented photographer and an accomplished amateur runner, putting us all to shame in the fitness stakes.

Luke - Warehouse Manager

In addition to being Artway’s coordinator for 3rd party sales and our educational services liaison, Luke also takes care of inventory management and warehouse logistics. Constantly (and happily) busy and permanently tanned, Luke is an avid gamer in his spare time, and owns a huge collection of retro gaming machines.

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Wholesale scheme: If you’re an educator or institutional buyer, you run a private art group, or you’re simply an individual interested in buying in bulk, join our wholesale scheme to purchase discount art supplies! To sign up, either contact Artwaydirectly or fill in our simple form here - you’ll be up and running as a wholesale customer in no time at all.

If you are interested in providing your students with Bespoke Art Kits then please click here.

If you would like to talk to us to discuss your requirements in more detail or for more general queries, then please contact us here.



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