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ARTWAY have been producing a sketchbook range for over 20 years, and as creatives ourselves, we know the importance of quality materials. We have consistently been producing a collection of high quality UK-made sketch book options with the highest grade paper possible, with our standard stock being a premium 170gsm, making it one of the best sketch books for drawing, and even our entry-level softback range featuring 130gsm cartridge paper.

Our full range covers everything from beautiful, handmade leatherbound sketchbooks to travel-friendly softbacks, so however you create, and wherever you create, we have you covered. And don’t forget to share your sketchbook creations with us -      

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Our elegantly styled STUDIO sketchbook range, available in both casebound and spiral bound versions, is an excellent balance of high quality and practicality. The hard covers are bound with traditional methods and contain our premium 170gsm paper, which we believe makes it one of the best sketchbooks for drawing, but is also made to accommodate a range of media - the heavyweight paper can even take a light wash with minimal buckling, making it a suitable as an occasional  watercolour sketchbook.

UK-made, and kind to the environment, the ARTWAY® STUDIO sketch book range is premium quality and excellent value.


The ARTWAY ENVIRO range, consisting of casebound, spiral bound and black card varieties, are UK-made products that feature fully recycled, acid-free materials at a fantastic price, with an emphasis on high quality - as with our STUDIO range, we use 170gsm cartridge paper.

For the ethically-minded or budget-conscious artists who still need high quality materials, our ENVIRO Sketchbooks are a durable and flexible object for your creative ideas, and make the perfect environmentally friendly gifts.


The ARTWAY INDIGO sketchbook range features unique in-house designs entirely handmade in India by local artisans. Both Spiral and Casebound versions are wrapped in Indigo-hued, soft cotton paper, making our Indigo Sketchbooks individual, unique and practical. Beautiful objects for your creative ideas.

Containing recycled 150gsm cartridge paper, the Indigo Sketchbooks are perfect for drawing and sketching in graphite and ink, as well as soft media and markers.


Our entry-level, best-value sketchbook range is fully recycled, and still of high-quality (130gsm), but at an excellent price. Available in either black softback or Kraft covers, the ARTWAY Softback sketchbooks are perfect for travelling, for students, and for all general art & design work.


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