Assorted Storage


Assorted Storage

For all of your art storage needs that don’t require a professional portfolio or carry case, Artway have you covered, from the very small - our selection of beautiful Indigo handmade leather pencil cases - to the very large - our card Folio boxes for archiving or organising your work. 

For transportation of very large works, why not consider the Artway Poster Tube, which can accommodate up to the enormous A0 size - a convenient and great value method of keeping your work secure and protected during transit. It is both water-resistant, from its one-piece construction, and has an attached shoulder strap for comfort.

Additionally, if you’re a student, or your discipline involves larger technical items that won’t fit in to our pencil cases, why not try our super hard wearing, tough and durable S-Tuff bags, in sizes up to A3. The heavy grade vinyl material has an inbuilt reinforced mesh, which provides extra strength. S-Tuff bags also have a strong mesh zip, finished with an Artway pull. It's the perfect storage bag for larger items, and can also accommodate sketchbooks for an all-in-one storage and transportation solution.

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