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Choosing the right surface to work on within printmaking is highly important, depending on what techniques you are using or the effect you want to achieve the correct material is crucial. We have surfaces for a variety of printmaking techniques like recycled acetate for monoprint and corrugated card and greyboard for creating collagraph plates


For a lino/block print, you will need a carvable surface. Historically different types of woodblocks were first used to create designs but the Victorians started to use linoleum which coined the term lino printing. The Artway traditional lino is a totally natural product made with a mix of linseed oil, pine resin and wood flour which can be completely recycled. Similar to what was being used in Victorian times with a hessian back and tougher surfaces this type of lino is preferred by many experienced printmakers. A beginner or less experienced printer might be more suited to an easy cut sheet, like the Artway Soft Cut Blue Polymer. As its name suggests compared to a harder traditional lino, polymer sheets are softer and more flexible as well as cheaper. 


The paper you use is just as important as the printing block or sheet. We suggest using a mixed media paper like the Artway Studio Mixed Media 240gsm paper or Artway STUDIO White Card as these can handle printing inks or for something with a little more texture the Artway INDIGO 100% Cotton Rag.


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