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Our Sketchbooks & Drawing Materials

Artway has been producing high-quality sketchbooks for over 20 years, we've got a wide selection of books to browse - from hard or softback covers to spiral or case binding, and even recycled or handmade. Artway sketchbooks are ideal for a range of applications - pencils, fineliners, pastels, graphic markers and even watercolours.


The choice of surface for your drawing projects has a huge impact on the texture, feel and final look of your artwork, and Artway have endeavoured to provide you with a range of options, depending on your preference. From our super-smooth Graphic Pad stock, akin to Bristol Board, for graphic design and illustration to the heavier textures of our ‘35’ range of watercolour paper or 100% cotton rag, and many varieties in-between, Artway are sure to have all you need.

Drawing Pencils

The most common sketching material, the humble graphite pencil, comes in a huge variety of forms and hardness grades and Artway provide a great selection. Starting with basic graphite pencils and coloured pencil sets to watercolour and pastel pencils.

Pastels, Charcoal & Crayons

Commonly used as a medium for life drawing, the large, soft media of the drawing tools in this category are great for flowing, expressive lines, and quick shading for large areas of your chosen surface. All of our willow charcoal is sourced from the oldest traditional supplier in the UK, so you’re guaranteed quality, and comes in a variety of stick widths and lengths. In addition, our own Soft Pastel Sets are all made from fine-quality, soft and lightfast material that blends smoothly, in a set of either 12 or 24 vibrant colours.

Pens & Markers

In a variety of professional or graphic design & illustration contexts, markers and pens are the dominant drawing and sketching tools, so Artway caters for this with a range of products.

Drawing Accessories

There are a huge amount of drawing accessories available to assist your efforts, from the basics of the eraser and pencil sharpener (both available in many forms!) to more specialised equipment such as stencils or a french curve, both flexible and fixed.



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