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Gouache Paint

Gouache Paint

The principle difference between watercolour paints and gouache paints is the opacity - watercolours are usually transparent, or translucent, and Gouache, while being also water-soluble and with a similar feel, dries to a matte, opaque layer. The two mediums can be happily used together, as both are water based, but Gouache is principally used in modern times as a colour block medium, in illustration, graphic design, poster design and manga/comic contexts.

Gouache, unlike watercolour is only sold in thick, acrylic-like, paste form in small tubes or in large, value tubs - Artway supply a selection of both, so please take a look at our offering below, including the new, eco friendly and fantastic value Caran D’ache Eco Gouache in huge 500ml containers.

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