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Artway stock acrylic, watercolour, gouache and oil paint from a variety of manufacturers, and even some produced by us! They come in a range of price points and quality grades, from large-volume pouches of acrylic paint, suitable for schools and groups, to finer quality, smaller quantities for higher education students, hobbyists and professionals.

Paint Brushes

From the natural hair, Sable brushes from Kolinsky, through our excellent, synthetic, fine detail paint brushes, to a stipple brush for adding texture to your paintings. We also supply a huge range of painting accessories, including a paint palette and palette knife range, paint sponges, mediums, a collapsible water pot and many more.

Painting Surfaces

In addition to all the tools you could need, Artway also supply a variety of surfaces to paint on, including our premium 35% watercolour paper, in loose sheets and paper pads or our INDIGO 100% recycled cotton rag also available in loose sheets or sketchbooks. For mixed media work, try ENVIRO Flat White multi-arte 250gsm paper or MRKZ premium multi-art 204gsm paper - both available in folio paper packs and spiral bound sketchbooks



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