Carry Cases


Carry Cases

ARTWAY supply a premium range of carry cases for your art transportation needs - briefcase-style bags in sizes up to A1. These tough, water-resistant, re-inforced cases are deeper, at 6cm (5cm internal), than our professional portfolios, and are suitable for carrying an entire sketchbook or two, mixed-media or textured artwork and even art materials.

Your work is secured in the interior with elastic straps instead of binding rings, and there is also a wide front zip pocket for extra storage.

Each carry case comes with a handy shoulder strap for heavy loads or long journeys, and a hard-wearing suitcase handle on the top for smaller trips. Two heavy-duty rubber feet on the bottom help to maintain the condition of your case and the precious art within it. The ARTWAY® carry cases are lightweight, durable and convenient while also being excellent value.

We also supply a range of alternative art storage and transportation products, including our Artway Poster Tube that allows sizes up to A0, a range of large PVC, reinforced fold-over carry cases, and transparent, expandable Mapac carry bags

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