Handmade Art Supplies

ARTWAY have partnered with a selection of artisans in India to produce a number of fully handmade art supplies, including sketchbooks, rag paper packs and leather stationery goods.

A great example of this is the handmade paper that is used to create the beautiful Indigo coloured recycled cover material for our Indigo sketchbook range. Fully created by hand using traditional dyeing and production methods, the end result is unique and beautiful, super soft and tactile, making the Indigo range an excellent choice if you’re looking for handmade gifts.


Our rag paper sketchbooks and loose sheet packs have been incredibly popular since we introduced them. The 100% cotton rag paper is made using the traditional methods shown in the short video at the bottom of the page. INDIGO handmade paper is made using 100% recycled cotton from local Indian factories and traditional making processes. Each sheet is unique, with varying tones and grains but all of them are finished with a beautiful deckled edge. Available in a range of sizes, weights and textures Artway Cotton Rag Paper is suitable for a wide variety of art applications - painting, watercolour, dry and soft media like graphite and soft pastels, but they can also be used for wedding stationery and card making

Another example is the production of our beautiful and practical leather notebook range, available as a leather journal, and a set including a travel sized pencil for sketching, drawing and note-taking on-the-go. Each leather cover is dyed and prepared entirely on site using traditional methods, so each journal or notebook become unique gifts to you.

Browse our current selection of handmade products below, including our unique, jumbo-sized A1 sketchbooks (and keep an eye out for further additions to the range coming soon!).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

All images from the ARTWAY visit to our handmade paper supplier in Jaipur, India - April 2018


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