Artway '35' Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed - 300gsm - A1, A2 & A3 Packs

From £22.95 (Inc. vat)
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From £22.95 (Inc. vat)
From £19.12 (Ex. vat)
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For traditional watercolour paper look no further than the premium Artway '35' range. The '35' refers to the 35% cotton content used in the production of this high quality paper providing greater strength and resilience over regular cellulose based papers. Combining traditional papermaking with the latest technology this paper also happens to be both vegan - containing no gelatin - and eco friendly, being completely acid-free.

Artway ‘35’ watercolour paper is produced ‘Cold-Pressed’ with a mid texture - in between ‘Hot Pressed’ (smooth, no texture and less absorbent) and ‘Rough’ (highly textured and more absorbent) - this makes it suitable for not only the occasional large area wash but also for fine detail. It comes in sizes from A1 to A3.

Pack sizes: A1 - approx. 20 sheets, A2 - approx. 20 sheets, A3 - approx. 40 sheets of premium, 300gsm watercolour paper.

For a more individual and rewarding watercolour surface then don't stray far from our Artway Indigo Cotton Rag papers. All individually handmade they comprise of 100% acid free cotton rag pulp in a variety of weights and textures. Each piece is totally unique with its own character - no two sheets are the same. The rugged nature of the paper means that it is highly versatile and ready for work - from watercolour to other painting and mixed media applications this paper will soon be your natural surface of choice.

Please Note: The A3 paper pack does not have the imprinted logo

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