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All inks fall into one of only two types - either pigment based or dye based. The main differences are that pigment ink is waterproof when dry and is very lightfast (they won’t fade over time) - this means they are often used for outline tasks in graphic design, illustration or comics/manga, as the ink lines will not bleed when adding subsequent layers of paint or ink. They can even be used as a watercolour equivalent, by diluting the ink colour tones with water, and applied as a wash, with the subsequent layers applied without bleeding, once dry, for unique effects. Indian ink is probably the oldest and most famous example of pigment ink. Dye based ink, conversely, is much more colour-dense and can be produced in a wider variety and brightness of colours, but suffers from not being as lightfast as pigment ink and tends to bleed when water is re-applied. However it is generally much cheaper than pigment ink.

Artway naturally supply a huge amount of ink varieties in both pigment based and dye based versions, from a variety of well known brands, including Dr. Ph. Martin, Winsor & Newton and Parker in a range of colours and sizes.

In addition, we also supply a variety of application tools, reflecting the long and storied history of the medium. To represent the original ink makers, we even supply sets of traditional pointed bamboo sticks, as used in China, and sets of manuscript dip pen nibs with pen holder. Please also browse our brush and refillable brush pen selection for other ink application methods!


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