Artway Chinese Sumi Black Ink (100ml & 500ml)

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Free-flowing dense traditional recipe Chinese black drawing ink ideal for illustration, calligraphy and brushwork. Supplied in a plastic container with a screw cap for easy transference. Works beautifully with Artway bamboo dip pens, mapping pens and Chinese brushes*

Use neat for dense dark shading and Sumi-e painting or dilute with water for ink washes and gradient effects. Dries to a matte black lightfast finish with a slight sheen (dependant upon the absorbency of the surface). It is smudge-proof and water-reactive on most substrates.

Artway Chinese Sumi ink is made using lamp oil soot (derived from the burning of vegetable oil) mixed with water and binder (non-vegan) - this type of ink is often referred to as 'Yuenboku' and is rarer than the standard wood-based offering. Artway Sumi ink is non-toxic and permanent being produced in the Jiangxi Province, South East China.

Available in both 100ml and 500ml bottles. Artway Sumi Ink is not suitable for fountain pens.

This product is in our Rice Paper Rolls (as shown in the images).

In the image there is also the product Chinese Medium Brush and Daisy Palette these are not included however you can buy these seperately.

Please note we have updated the label so you might receive a 100ml bottle with a previous design but they are the same product 


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