Artway Printing Ink 120ml - for relief, block and lino printmaking - CLEARANCE

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From £2.49 (Inc. vat)
From £2.07 (Ex. vat)
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Fantastic starter range of inks for relief, block and lino printmaking.

As these are water-based inks, they are therefore not suitable for silk screen printing onto fabric.

These non-permanent water-based inks are available in a range of 6 colours to provide a perfect introduction to printmaking processes. With good tack, intermixability and strong colour opacity they provide a flexible medium for easy transfer. The balanced 'open' time (the time before the ink starts to dry) provides sufficient duration to prepare and ink surfaces prior to final application.

Highly suitable for inking traditional lino, polymer or relief printing plates for use on card and paper surfaces. Low odour water-based composition for easy clean-up in the classroom or at home.

Supplied in traditional resealable glass squat jars allowing easy access to 'all' of your medium - the frustration of leaving product in the tube is a thing of the past! In addition any unused ink which is still open (before it starts to set) can be safely deposited back in the jar for reuse. Empty jars can be cleaned and reused to store paints/powders/inks or other collectables and mendables. The black bakelite lids provide an assured airtight seal to prevent liquid escaping and the product from drying out. Both the jar and lid are 100% recyclable.

IMPORTANT - replace jar lids immediately after use to prevent ink from drying out. Inks can stain - protect clothing and surfaces

Please Note: This ink is not suitable for screen/block printing onto fabric as it is a water based ink

  • Suitable for a range of printing surfaces (wood/lino/polymer etc.)
  • Water based for easy clean-up
  • High density strongly pigmented opaque ink
  • Intermixable with other water based printing ink colours
  • Light fast - remains soluble to water once dry
  • Wheat, Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Inks can stain - protect clothing and surfaces
  • Made in the UK

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