Tree Free by Artway  - our new sustainable range of papers and books

Tree Free by Artway - our new sustainable range of papers and books

1st Feb 2024

Artway are proud to introduce our new range of beautiful 100% Tree Free handmade sustainable paper and sketchbooks. 

What is Tree Free paper?

Tree free paper is exactly that! No trees are cut down to make this wonderful paper. Instead, it is made from secondary waste products from a diverse range of industries. These include: cotton and linen rags, banana and flax fibres, coffee and coconut husks, tea, lemongrass, and the invasive water hyacinth plant. It's fully upcycled and vegan! 

Who makes it?

The paper and books are handmade in India by a pioneering ethical and eco-friendly manufacturer. During production, the factory saves 30 tonnes of wood per month and a minimum of 30,000 litres of water a day! The products are shipped by sea freight to us to remove unnecessary air miles and pollution.

The manufacturer supports their community by employing and up-skilling local men and women, stemming from a strong company ethos to drive positive change for the benefit of the area.

What is the paper like?

Try it for yourself! If you have used our cotton-rag paper before, you will love this range. The papers are unique in colour, grain and texture, which lends them well to many art and craft applications, as well as for use in book-binding, printmaking and bespoke stationery. Plant papers are available in individual packs or curated-by-us assortments.

What about the sketchbooks?

The Cotton-Rag, Accordion, and Japanese Stitch Sketchbooks are all 100% Tree Free and recycled too. Not only are they beautiful objects, they are wonderful surfaces to work on and take all manner of media. 

As artists, we are aware that the paper choices we make are not always eco-friendly. This paper is beautiful to draw, print and paint on, and best of all, it doesn't harm a single tree. We hope you love the range as much as we do!

Tree Free


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