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The Artway Tree Free Paper Packs forms part of our range of Tree Free plant papers and books. These packs contains 24 sheets of beautiful A4 plant paper. The papers are made in India from post-industrial waste, meaning that they are a sustainable and environmentally friendly paper option on which to draw, write, and print. They would also be a great option for a collage or bookbinding project.

Owing to the handmade process, each sheet is unique in its colour, texture and grain.

The Artway Tree Free Paper Packs are available in the following plant papers:


Using fibres processed by the hemp plant, which contains up to 85% cellulose, this makes a sustainable alternative to tree paper and produces a strong and long-lasting paper which can be used for many art and craft applications.


Lemongrass was introduced almost a century ago in India and is now cultivated for commercial purposes, such as extraction of its oil. The residual grass is a by-product of this process that is often discarded, however, this grass can be steamed and made into sheets of paper. The process of extraction somehow seems to strengthen the fibres for paper making. The fibres are strong and turn into a smooth resilient paper; adding cotton fibres to the mix gives it a smoother surface.

Wild Flower Seed

Seed paper is not only beautiful to look at, it helps to grow more plants! Many seeds can be embedded in plant paper (usually cotton-rag), and, as the paper is chemical-free and sustainable, the paper can be torn and planted in soil. With care and watering, you will be rewarded with plants that can grow in your garden or in a pot! Not only this, but the paper itself has a beautiful organic aesthetic that lends itself well to all manner of creative projects.

Spent Barley

This paper is made from spent grain (barley, hops, etc) left over from the beer-making process. Spent barley has a relatively lesser cellulose content, when mixed with cotton pulp, it makes beautiful, unique textured paper and is a planet-friendly choice!

Water Hyacinth

The water hyacinth is an invasive plant that causes mass damage to India’s waterways and eco-systems. Being cellulose-rich, the stem of the plant can be cooked and then beaten to produce the fibres in which this paper is made from. The outcome is a smooth, strong paper ideal for writing and printing on.

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