Tapes & Adhesives


Tapes & Adhesives

Many artists rely heavily on masking tape, particularly those working in contemporary art who use either mixed media, are influenced by digital source material, or those using spray paint or airbrush as a medium. The ability to mask off areas of a work, whether paper, canvas or other materials, and manipulate your chosen medium in precise ways, can be achieved quickly and practically with masking tape, and the ability of low-tack masking tape to be removed without damaging the surface is also very important - at Artway, we stock a variety of different tapes for whatever surface you need to mask.

Of course, if you simply want to stick something to something else, we do also sell normal sticky tape, or, for more durable solutions, cloth tape (or ‘gaffer tape’).

In addition, we also supply adhesive products for a number of purposes, particularly in Arts & Crafts, architectural modelling, model making, fashion design and mixed media work. From the enduring popularity and utility of the glue gun, to precise glueing with superglue, on to specialist size glue for fixing gold leaf, we stock all the sticky products you could possibly need.

Take a look below at our selection of tapes and adhesive to suit a huge range of professions and use cases.


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