Printmaking Supplies


Printmaking Supplies

The practice of carving designs into a surface and then using that surface as a printing block, or printing plate, to generate images is known as relief printing. Historically this has been achieved by using various types of wood block, but since Victorian times, it has also been achieved with linoleum, or lino, and the practice has come to be known as linocut, or lino printing

The use of lino, as opposed to wood, has a couple of main benefits - the first being the low cost and the second being the malleability of the material, and the ease at which you can carve designs into the surface, particularly when heated, as lino softens significantly as the surface temperature rises. This allows for carving tools to glide satisfyingly across the lino sheets - one of the most enjoyable practical experiences in the arts - Artway highly recommend you try lino cutting!

Once the design has been cut, special printmaking ink is then applied to the uncarved areas of the lino surface, and this is then applied to a sheet of paper of your choosing. It really is as simple as that - and far more enjoyable and speedy a process than you may imagine.

So if you’re new to the glories of printmaking, why not try our convenient and great value Artway Printmaking Kit for this very purpose? It includes all you need to get going and refine your technique in a handy all-in-one solution and is also great for students and artists on the move, being housed in one of our super strong and durable S-Tuff bags.

We also, naturally, supply all of the constituent parts of the kit separately, so please browse our selection of printmaking supplies, a category we are continuously expanding. Start with our fantastic value and super soft Blue and Clear Polymer sheet options, in various sizes - this is an even softer and more malleable alternative to lino that’s perfect for beginners. In addition, you can find everything from ink rollers, lino cutting tools and inks here, all at great prices.

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