Graphite & Coloured Pencils


Graphite & Coloured Pencils

The most common sketching material, the humble graphite pencil, comes in a huge variety of forms and hardness grades (even available as purely graphite powder), and Artway provide a great selection, for whichever drawing method you prefer. 

Starting with the essentials - our graphite pencil sets of 4 from Derwent, covering the basic grades (HB, 2B, 4B & 6B) and our selection of woodless, coloured and water-soluble graphite sticks, Artway also stock specialist coloured pencils in Metallic tones, skin shades, and even pastel pencil sets.

For precise, technical drawing, we supply a selection of graphite clutch pencil, or mechanical pencil varieties, from the large format, wide 5.6mm lead to the Pentel Sharplet and Pentel P120 mechanical pencils in line widths from 0.3mm to 0.7mm.

We also, naturally, supply replacement leads for each product, and you can find sharpeners and pointers for all use cases. Browse our great selection of graphite and coloured pencils below.

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