Special Finishes


Special Finishes

For those special finishes for your artistic creations, browse our glaze & varnish selection. We also stock a number of accessories and tools for preparing your work, including primers and adhesives.

And if you want to learn how to gild your work, teach yourself this ancient and enduring technique with our handy ARTWAY® Art Kit for applying gold leaf! Our Gold Leaf Kit contains a number of useful items, including a gilding adhesive, a shellac based clear varnish and two different paintbrushes to apply it with. In addition, we stock all the constituent parts as separate items, including the wax paper sheets.

If Gold isn’t your thing, we also supply metal leaf in Silver and Copper varieties too! And don’t forget the classic white Gesso for preparing your painting surfaces.

Please take a look at our selection of Special Finishes products below:


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