Painting Supplies


Painting Supplies

Painting is the oldest art, with the earliest known example being 40,000 years old. Think about that for a moment - that’s 38,000 years before we even started counting years.

Luckily for us modern humans, painting is still around, and is still accomplished in a broadly similar way - find some paint, grab something to apply it with, and locate a surface to put it on - easy. But instead of having to hunker in a cave and forage for supplies while avoiding murderous dinosaurs*, nowadays you can rely on Artway to provide all your painting supplies in relative comfort and safety. 


For the paint part of our ancient equation, you’re in the right place - Artway stock a huge range of Acrylic, Watercolour, Gouache and Oil paint from a variety of manufacturers, and even some produced lovingly by us! They come in a range of price points and quality grades, from large-volume pouches of Acrylic paint, suitable for schools and groups, to finer quality, smaller quantities for higher education students, hobbyists and professionals.

Paint Brushes

Of course, unless you want to take inspiration directly from Cueva de las Manos, you will need some kind of paint brush, and luckily, Artway also have you covered in this department. From the natural hair Sable brushes from Kolinsky, through our excellent, synthetic, fine detail paint brushes, to a stipple brush for adding texture to your paintings. We also supply a huge range of painting accessories, including a paint palette and palette knife range, paint sponges, mediums, a collapsible water pot and many more.


In addition to all the tools you could need, Artway also supply a variety of surfaces to paint on, including our premium 35% watercolour paper, in loose sheets up to A1 size and also in convenient pads for painting on the move. For mixed media work, there are also the Clairefontaine Paint ON pads, which have a heavyweight, 250gsm surface that can take a huge range of wet and dry media, and are tough enough for anything creative you can throw at them.

Finally, however you paint, whatever you create, share your work with us here:


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