Artway Long Handle Synthetic Artist Paintbrush Set (5pc mixed)

£5.50 (Inc. vat)
£4.58 (Ex. vat)

£5.50 (Inc. vat)
£4.58 (Ex. vat)


Set of 5 quality synthetic hair (nylon) brushes with long handles.

A selection of long handled brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes derived from our extremely popular and highly rated short handle synthetic brush series.

This is the perfect starter set catering for all of your essential needs when considering working with long handle brushes. The greater length of handle helps to get further away from your painting surface providing space and room for more extravagant and gestural mark making. Ultimately they enable you to paint across larger surface areas from a wider field of vision - less for detailed work and more for wider sweeps, mark making and coverage.

This set contains:

  • 2 x Round brushes - sizes 4 (4mm at the opening of the ferrule) & 14 (8mm at the opening of the ferrule)
  • 2 x Flat brushes - sizes 3 (8mm at the opening of the ferrule) & 10 (18mm at the opening of the ferrule)
  • 1 x Filbert brush - size 6 (12mm at the opening of the ferrule)

The nylon hairs used in our brushes are finely graded and trimmed for accuracy. Being man made these synthetic filaments are:

  • More resilient and less prone to damage during normal operation when using paints and solvents across a variety of surfaces
  • They are easier to clean than natural hairs being smoother and more regular in construction
  • They are better suited to acrylic paints being able to resist its more caustic nature

The natural looking handles expose plain wood with a lacquer coating. The lacquer helps to provide long term protection and assist with cleaning.

To shield the nylon synthetic hairs during transit each brush is treated with a water-soluble sizing to provide stiffness and resistance to being knocked. This should be washed away under water (and with brush soap if you have it) prior to your first application.

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