National Recycling Week at Artway!

National Recycling Week at Artway!

1st Feb 2024

Recycling and sustainability is incredibly important to us at Artway.

We try and demonstrate this by what we do rather than just talking about it:

  • Our most popular product range is our ENVIRO recycled sketchbook, paper and card range which is made only with recycled materials and is produced in the UK
  • Our Indigo sketchbooks are a range of handmade fully recycled sketchbooks
  • We also have handmade watercolour sketchbooks and paper packs that are made from recycled textiles
  • Wherever possible, we re-use packaging to wrap your orders before sending them out to help minimise waste
  • All recyclable waste produced by our business is recycled
  • Our heating and water is provided by a biomass boiler
  • Our warehouse and offices were recycled from a (literally) falling down building!

Whilst this is a good start, we are very aware that we have a long way to go to make the business and our products more sustainable. We are excited about this week as it helps to re-focus us on where we are at and what needs doing in the future to be even better! 


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