Artway ENVIRO Spiral Bound Sketchbooks - Graduate sizes - CLEARANCE

From £2.96 (Inc. vat)
From £2.47 (Ex. vat)

From £2.96 (Inc. vat)
From £2.47 (Ex. vat)
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The Artway Enviro, UK-made, spiral bound sketchbook range is now part of a special, limited-time clearance offer in our ‘Graduate’ versions - these sizes deviate from the typical European standard A-size format, with a slightly more square overall shape.

As with our A-size versions, each Graduate Enviro sketchbook features fully recycled, acid-free paper and hardback cover materials at a fantastic price, with an emphasis on high quality - our cartridge paper is a heavyweight 170gsm, thick enough to take a light wash of watercolour paint or ink. A perfect sketch pad option if you value using eco-friendly products.

Enviro Spiral bound sketchbooks contain 35 leaves (70 sides) of 170gsm, lightly textured, recycled paper stock, and are perfect for drawing and sketching in graphite pencil and ink, as well as soft media and markers. The spiral binding allows for expansion when using layered, mixed media surfaces or textiles.

Look after the environment and your wallet without having to sacrifice high-quality materials with our Enviro Sketchbooks - a durable and great value solution for your creative ideas.

  • The Artway Enviro recycled sketchbook range features high-quality, fully recycled paper and materials at a great price, all made in the UK
  • The 35 leaves (70 sides) of artist quality, 170gsm cartridge paper and hardboard cover are 100% recycled and 100% acid-free
  • Durable and flexible sketch pad for a wide range of creative ideas - perfect for artists of all levels
  • Great for mixed media use, as the spiral binding allows space for layered or textured work to breathe
  • Suitable for most art, design or fashion purposes - will even take a light watercolour or ink wash with minimal buckling

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