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We stock a range of printmaking tools and inks to help you explore the vast world of printing. The supplies we stock have a focus on relief printing techniques like monoprinting and lino printing which are the earliest and most accessible forms of printmaking, all you need to get started are a few of the printing essentials such as rollers, lino cutters, barens, and block printing inks - and we’ve got them all!

A printmaker’s best tool is their cutters, we carry a variety of levels from beginner sets with multiple blades which allow you to quickly create different marks or a more professional fixed handle cutter, which allows more precision. Rollers or also known as brayers can be used for multiple things in printmaking, their main use is to distribute ink over various printing surfaces, but they can also be used as a press by rolling over the back of a print. The Artway Rubber Lino Roller is available in multiple widths and you’ll be able to find one suitable for every need.

A fantastic starter range of inks for relief, block and lino printmaking is the Artway Printing Inks, available in a range of 6 colours either individually or in a set of 6 these are non-permanent and inter-mixable, providing endless possibilities. Ideal for all relief printing techniques including monoprinting, collagraph and lino/block printing.

But if you’re new to the world of printmaking, why not try our convenient and great value Artway Printmaking Kit? It includes all you need to get going and refine your technique in a handy all-in-one solution and is also great for students and artists


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